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AY multistage oil pump

Overview: AY Multi-stage centrifugal pump series is in the Y-type multi-stage centrifugal pumps, based on the digestion and the introduction of foreign advanced technology design. It is to better meet the needs of users in order to improve reliability and energy-saving equipment for the center developed a new product replacement. The products used in oil refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, delivery of solid particles in oil, liquefied petroleum gas and other flammable or toxic liquids high temperature and pressure, and its features are:
Bearing body parts all use the advanced bearing and axial thrust bearings.
Water flow components using energy efficient pump hydraulic model, the average ratio of Y-type oil pump efficiency is 2 to 5%.
To maintain continuity, AY-type oil pump structure, installation size, performance parameters remained the same in the Y-type oil pump.
Zero, a high degree of common parts.
According to the different conditions of use, the main components selected Ⅱ, Ⅲ type material, bearings and other parts of the body to increase steel, cast iron two materials for the cold areas, outdoor use, marine and so provide a selection of convenience.
Bearing cooling water used in all.
Flow rate (Q): 6.25 ~ 155 m3 / h
Head (H): 70 ~ 603 m
Temperature (t): -20 ℃ ~ +300 ℃
Design features:
AY Multi-stage centrifugal pump is radially split segmental structure of the inhalation wear bar segment, middle segment fused spit. Pump rotor mounted on the shaft by the impeller, balance disc (drums), and other parts. Axial force by the balance disc, balance drum and thrust bearing balance.
Bearings: radial bearings, thrust bearings ball bearing thrust to the heart, balancing the residual axial force.
Shaft seal: mechanical seal or packing seal, according to user needs.
Transmission: pump directly driven by coupling the original motivation, to see the pump from the prime mover for the counterclockwise rotation.
Pipeline system: cooling water is based on medium temperature and use requirements, seal chamber, bearings, or holder for cooling. Each line of water recommended 0.25 ~ 0.5m3 / h, pressure 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa. Seal flush is based on pumping medium, temperature and pressure conditions are different and different work. Sealing liquid pressure is generally higher than seal chamber pressure 0.07 ~ 0.1MPa. If the transmission medium is easily vaporized, it should be higher than the vapor pressure of 0.175 ~ 0.2MPa. Steam line is that when the temperature of the transmission medium and the precipitation of crystals with lower, and its pressure is about 0.1MPa.