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LZvertical non-seals self-priming pump

Overview: LZ series of self-control self-priming pump without seal of international leading technology and advanced hydraulic model, so that ordinary centrifugal pump with considerable efficiency, application of a number of patents, is to fill the gaps in the first product, the product has a temperature resistance, pressure, wear, "a draining, life-long self-absorption" and many other features.In the electronic, electrical, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, food, electroplating, environmental protection, fire protection, municipal, water, national defense, textile, mining beneficiation, is widely used in civil construction and other industries, praised by users.
Unique advantages:
The company used the "chain-type multi-faceted pump centrifugal sealing device", get rid of the traditional pump packing, mechanical seal, completely subdued the "run, run, drip, drain," is to replace the original variety of the long axis of liquid pumps, diving the best infusion pumps and other equipment.
Sealing device during operation is not friction, no wear, long service life 10 times more than similar products.
The use of gas-water separation principle, self-absorption properties of stable and reliable, in particular with: "electric air control valve" to drain fluid siphon phenomenon has been completely destroyed, so that "a draining, life-long self-absorption."
Small vibration, low noise, mobile and flexible, easy disassembly, easy to install, no anchor bolts fixed.
Has excellent upper and lower level features such as automatic alarm may be high-tech areas and supporting the use of highly automated systems.
Flow rate (Q): up to 8000 m3 / h
Head (H): up to 180 m
Working pressure (P): 1.6 ~ 2.5 MPa
Temperature (t): -20 ℃ ~ +180 ℃
At present the companys corrosion-resistant materials, can meet the requirements of the various media. When ordering, please provide the details to the transmission medium.
feed pumps, circulating pumps, condensate pumps, two phase steel, mechanical seals, diaphragm coupling