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TTMC multistage canister bag of pump

USES: Conveying clean or slightly pollution of low or high temperature, chemical neutral or corrosive liquid.
Refined factory
Oil refinery
Power plant
Cryogenic engineering
Pipeline pressure
Sea vegetable oil platform
Liquefied natural gas project
Flow (Q) : can reach 800 m3 / h
High-lift (H) : can reach 8 m
Working pressure (P) : 10 MPa
Working temperature (t) : - 180 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃
TTMC vertical tube bag in multi-stage, radial pump profile fraction. Impeller type for single stage, and is equipped with radial type single stage shell. Impeller is generally s inhaled head impeller. By axial thrust ball bearing to the heart. Pressure differential larger circumstances, the balance drum device balance axial force. Shell only bear inlet pressure, the length of the shell and pump NPSH depends on installation depth cavitation performance requirements. Pump if installed in containers or with pipe flanges connection, don't pack shell. Bearing the box to the heart thrust ball bearing rely on oil lubrication, with independent inner circulation automatic lubrication system, hydrodynamic radial sliding bearing the entry in pump. Pump in certain installation depth cases, pump shaft, its support with intermediate support with liquid lubrication. Shaft seals use type: single seals, tandem mechanical seal. And with cooling, flushing or sealant liquid system. The suction pipe and the discharge tube in installation position of the upper, to each flange 180 degrees, other layout can too. Flange standards implementation DIN, ANSI, or GB. Auxiliary piping connections threaded with G or Rc/R. Motor through flexible coupling (or claw type coupling) drive pump operation. The directions from the driver, pump counter-clockwise.