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About API610 (Eighth Edition) pump few notes

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1, the pump life: the standard required in the design and manufacture of pumps into the life of at least 20 years of continuous operational life of at least 3 years.
2, the pump flange: the standard requirements of the open axial pump housing flange pressure rating for the 2MPa, cantilevered or other radial split case pump flange pressure rating of not less than 4MPa;All vehicles should be flat flange on the back (side) or the required parts of countersink flat; convex flange should be finishing the final processing of a number of jagged section of the vortex ring-shaped groove or concentric grooves.
3, pump bearings: pump usually used for the horizontal centerline of the cantilever supporting means, and not recommended foot installation.
4, impeller: standard impeller should be completely closed and the overall casting, impeller key should be fixed on the shaft.
5, sleeve: the minimum radius to the thickness of the sleeve should not be less than 2.5mm.
6, the wear ring: standards should be set on both the pump and impeller wear ring can be replaced (Sandy Bay).
7, the seal: standard specifies the mechanical seal pumps should be used, and the mechanical seal must be assembled structure.
8, the balance: the impeller, balanced rotating drum and the main components of similar level to do G1.0 balancing; balance the weight with the mandrel should not exceed the weight of the part to be balanced.
9, coupling: coupling element flexible coupling should be used (ie metal diaphragm coupling), coupling must be lengthened, extended parts of the nominal length of at least 125mm,This length can be easily removed should be made coupling, bearings, seals and the rotor, without disassembly of the machine and the suction and discharge piping.
10, base: base should be set with an integrated solution set, pump and piping of all pipe joints and all other fittings flange should fall within the base of the biggest around.