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SM double suction pump(heavy calibre)
TMC vertical multi stage pump
DM armoured multi stage pump
TW sludge submerged sewage pump
YWdouble suction submerged sewage pump
LP vertical mixed flow pump
QH submergible pump
LHY high temperature sulfur pump
VMC condensate pump
Diaphragm shaft coupling


    Dalian Songlone Pump Mfg. CO., LTD. is a specialized anti-corrosive pumps manufacturer, who has rich experience and perfect technique in research, designing and manufacturing for nearly 20 years. Our main products have come up to advanced standard both at home and abroad up to now. The whole area
of our company is 56000 m2, the built-up area of stageⅠ is 21800 m2, 390 staff on duty, 186 professional persons in kinds of technology. There are more than 176 units professional equipments, including advanced precise manufacturing installations such as numerically controlled lathes, giant precision machine tools and teeming furnaces and so forth. We adopt CAD auxiliary designation during the development of the products, and own research persons and bases of technique, material and mechanical seal. There is a perfect production-test method, an advanced dynamic balance machine, a testing-pump station assisted by computers and suited testing-performance devices. We have passed the ISO 9001 International Quantity Safety System, own perfect quantity guaranty system.

    Our company adopted plenty of new technique in the early 90s, and cooperated with R&D institutions, colleagues and universities. We have developed kinds of high-quality and energy conservation products combined or by ourselves, which have


filled in gaps in pump industry in home. We have more than 30 types, 600 kinds, 2800 sizes of specification products, in which there are 11 types coming up to advanced world standard. Our products can be widely applied to petroleum, chemical industry, power system, chemical fertilizer, mine, metallurgy, coking, papermaking, automobile, medicine, alcohol, food, civil architecture etc., and have been sold to more than 30 cities, and to Africa, Southeast Asia,South America.

    The pleasure of clients is the root of the company. “Quantity is life. Management is benefit. Technique is guide. Service is aim” is our principle. We will keep on innovation, with the advanced technique to supply higher-quantity products for you.

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